Thursday, 29 January 2009

Pottery project

Today is the deadline for handing in my ceramics project. I am currently in my 3rd year ceramics nightclass at York College. The course has been very project driven and with every project you have to submit an essay and sketch book of your designs & test pieces.
My current project has come together very last minute, and not through my usual working at the 11th hour. I spent 3 weeks sculpting a piece which dramatically blew up in the kiln on its first bisque firing. The teacher thinks there was a tiny bit of trapped air in one of the layers which caused it to blow. Couldn't piece it back together as it was in many pieces.
My project theme was Myths & Legends so I chose to do the Green Man. After the first one exploded I had to quickly start something else so I decided to make my own mould and cast some pieces from it. I did a stylised Green Man face & I've made wall plaques and a vase.
Vase is currently being fired, this is the wall plaque before firing.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

5 digital artworks

I've just finished preparing 5 artworks for entry into a local art group.
I'm not sure if I stand much chance with my digital style of artwork, it will depend if the assessors are more inclined towards paintings.
Still, it's worth a try and as it's a once yearly submission I decided to go for it. It will be a couple of weeks before I know the outcome.

Cath Kidston competition

This week saw an exciting parcel arrive. I was lucky enough to win the Cath Kidston design a tote bag competition and the prize came yesterday, it's a really cute sewing box in the shape of a cottage with lots of goodies inside. My photo shows the prize with the bag I designed. If you fancy a look the bag is on their website at I was really pleased, I don't normally win competitions!


I finally took the plunge and set myself up with a blog this week, so today, 27th is the first day for a post. 27th is a good day to start as number 27 is my birth path number which seems quite appropriate as this is the birth of my blog!

I've seen some fantastic, really inspiring blogs which made me fancy a go, so this is my meagre attempt. My friend Barbara (brilliant cartoonist, see her website is a bit of a 'blogaholic' and has recommended many so I will invite her to check out how I'm doing.

I think there may be a temptation to go a bit mad at first posting anything and everything but I will try and keep it focused on the things that help me get through life and live more creatively.