Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Happy Winter Solstice

If any bloggy friends are reading then I'd like to wish you a fabulous festive season whatever you celebrate and I hope for a happy and peaceful 2016 for everyone.  x

I will be having a non existent Christmas, other than a few nice bits of food it will be the same as any other day right now as I'm in the full throws and mess of packing. It's a bit of a nightmare, I forgot how awful packing was and having aquired more stuff over the years it's not a nice experience.

We are moving our belongings into storage until moving in January and living with the essentials until then. Apparently the average house will have about 100 boxes for a move, I've already done about 110 and still have my office and kitchen to dismantle amongst other things. However, I do feel that us creative types have more 'stuff' than most people. Had I been a person who didn't do things then I wouldn't have nearly as much stuff, but I do, and where I'm moving to I won't easily be able to buy wool or fabric or the like so it's important I salvage what I can. That said I've taken sacks of stuff to the charity shops, the tip and I suspect I might need a clearance place to remove the final bric a brac and the washer as it's too heavy for us to lift out of here so it will have to go.

This is how the storage container is filling up

I will take a break from packing tonight as I'm doing a farewell supper with a couple of friends at one of my oldest and favourite veggie restaurants in Hull so that will be nice and I hope to get some pics.
So I will sign off now and wish you and yours all the best.