Friday, 26 June 2015

Almost ready for Let Hope Bloom

I've immersed myself in crochet flowers this week as I get ready for my crochet workshops at Let Hope Bloom.

The printouts are done and the mini balls of wool are bagged up.

I've also been making some wearable things to inspire the crochet flower makers what they could go on to make if they master a few basic stitches.

Here we have some new brooches.

I've also done bracelets and a ring.

I've made a scarf with dangly flowers which I was going to wear but I think it will be too warm.

Instead I will wear this neck-tie.

There are so many things a crochet flower could be used for, bunting, hanging decorations, wedding trimmings (see below), placemats, coasters, lots of things which I didn't have time to do samples of.

Time to bag it all up now and get organised. Happy weekend everyone.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Let Hope Bloom

I'm happy to be involved with the World Vision charity as one of a bunch of volunteer crafts people. I was approached to do some very basic crochet flower workshops as part of a whole day of crafty activities for Let Hope Bloom. This is all in a run up to Floral Friday which is raising funds for vulnerable children in Cambodia.

We will all be doing something floral themed as a workshop so as well as my crochet flowers there will be floral paper cutting, ceramics, sewing etc and lots of tea and cake. A small donation is required to join in any of the craft workshops on offer.

The event is on June 27th 10 - 4pm at Ellerton Village Hall in E. Yorks and we have Linda Barker who promotes the charity giving us an opening presentation. Linda's sister Jill Ford who is a wonderful local ceramicist has organised this event.
The local school children have also recorded a song as part of the fund raising and I think they will be performing it.

Should be a fun and creative day in support of World Vision.

Remembering good times over bad times

I haven't made a post for a while, I had been quietly busy until hitting some rough patches as June got underway. 
It's very typical to get a rush of bad things but I suppose that is how life treats us all at times.

So I started June with a very bad back which made the stairs and moving about quite uncomfortable, fortunately a week later this has eased away with some tablets. 

I had the sad loss of my Grandma just over a week ago, she was just 2 months short of her 105th and we'd been looking forward to our gathering at her birthday party. At that age every year was a bonus and fortunately she had not suffered a long illness, a recent small stroke and then only days after coming out of hospital and back to the care home the news they didn't think she'd have long and that was about right. Expected in a way but odd to think she's been around forever and now she's gone.

But I'm pleased to have so many happy memories from childhood jaunts with my grandparents. It is certainly the encouragement of my Gran that I got in to baking, sewing, crochet and foraging with our legendary trips with sticks and buckets to the secret & best bramble bushes in our village. Summer bicycle rides with picnics, strawberry picking and jam making, happy days indeed.

Below, wedding day for Violet & Ted (Grandma & Grandad) 1930

Our clan after my christening. Back row L to R, mum, grandad, dad,
front row, my sister chomping away, grandma, and great grandma holding me!

Days after that news another family member was taken into hospital, out now and hopefully settling down a bit. And then almost hospitalised was my nearest and dearest who seems to be slowly returning to normal.

I hope good times are around the corner, just getting back to a normalish routine is something to be thankful for.

I shall move swiftly on to a charity event I'm involved with.