Friday, 28 June 2013

The Dog Poo Fairy & a general catch up

It's not been a very interesting week but I thought the headline might bring a smile. This was a jolly little poster seen in Dalby Forest to remind dog owners how nasty it is to find dog doings in a place of beauty or in fact anywhere else. I do spend a lot of time watching where I walk when I'm in certain places!

I've listed a few new things in my Folksy shop like this little doll brooch and I have a few things in the pipeline waiting to be stitched up.

I'm not feeling terribly active on the creative front which I think in part is due to the miserable summer, the grey days and lack of light to what I would expect for midsummer are slowing down my creations.

Well, it's official, this lovely (not) rented house is crumbling. Some heavy rain last weekend has highlighted cracked & fallen roof tiles and a couple of holes have now appeared in the roof. I have informed the powers that be and really it's anyone's guess now as to when they will send a workman to investigate. Not good when it's raining again today, it becomes a worry when it rains living here. I have been concerned about all my lovely books and fabrics for some years whilst being here in the hope that they do not become ruined by damp, insects or mice.

I really hope the sun returns soon to cheer up this grim situation.
Happy weekend everyone :)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Happy Summer Solstice!

We've reached the longest day and yet again it's grey, it's been raining and it's making me feel grim. The main part of feeling grim is that side of me which says it's all down hill now as the nights will start to draw in again.
I'm almost making it worse by saying that but I think my lifestyle here just makes me so seasonally affected to how I was years ago. I put it down to this house and being so full of negative energy, come the glorious day when I finally escape here I hope to return to the old me who was more optimistic and positive.

I can't remember a sunny summer solstice for years, I hope some people will enjoy a sunny longest day today.

Did you also know it's National Picnic Week, what a shame when the weather is like this, I had planned a day off for a picnic today but we decided there was no point in having a picnic in the car whilst it rains outside.

Instead I will be busy at my desk, I have dug out a few of my solstice inspired photos, this first one is from years ago, maybe 1999. It was a little dough man I made inspired by Neptune and the greenman, because he was made from salt dough he absorbed damp at one point and began to crumble so I made the decision to bury him and return him to the earth he had come from. I quite liked the image as I was burying him.

These are some of my pottery creations along a greenman theme

To finish with, I used to be very into suns and moons and somewhere I have these lovely mugs, still in packing boxes after 6 years! 
Hope the sun shines on you today.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Camping fabric latest & other creations

It's always great to receive positive feedback for something you've designed or made, almost as good as making it.
Today was such a day, a lovely Spoonflower customer had bought some of my green vintage camping fabric and she sent me a link to her Etsy shop to see what she'd made.

Isn't this fun, it's an overnight bag and it's so beautifully made. Thanks Theresa for sharing that with us.

The camping fabric has proved quite popular recently and I have released it in 2 new options, a smaller design of the brown colour and a retro pale blue colour. I think more colours may follow too.

I've been busy making things for galleries, I took a small delivery to Gallery 49 in Bridlington on Friday. One of my new makes was this fabric roll up pencil pouch. I created the base fabric by fibre felting onto an old woolly jumper and I built up layers of wool, tweed and machine stitching.

I was amazed to get a note from G49 to say they had sold it within 2 hours of me dropping it off, really delighted by that.

I also took a few of these brooches and I'm hoping to do a few more to show the Art & Rose Gallery in Pocklington.

Plus, these recycled wraps for tins to use as pencil pots went to G49 also.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Warning - great new fabric shop, Bridlington

Last week I found a 'new' craft and fabric shop in Bridlington, although the lady said she had been open for a few months so I'm surprised I hadn't spotted it before.
It may be because, in my humble design opinion, the shop sign doesn't do it much justice for the quality of stock inside. The shop is Daisy Crafts on Bridge Street and the logo is just a big clip art daisy which gives the impression of crafts or toys for children.

Anyway don't be fooled, once you venture inside you will find the most amazing and up to date selection of fabrics. She has all the groovy stuff that you would probably only find online, it is all nicely laid out in sections and there are pre cut fat quarters neatly arranged next to each section of fabric bolts.
She is concentrating on ordering the latest designs and has some exciting fabrics on order for Halloween and Christmas.

Also lots of lovely ribbons, buttons, embroidery threads etc. I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of the shop interior or exterior but I can show you a little bundle of FQ's I purchased (£2.95 ea). 
(one other thing, cash only, no credit card facilities at present).

(below) I also bought a few FQ's from the fabric shop in Harrogate last weekend, they are incredibly cheap at only £1.75 ea.

I'm currently busy making brooches but I am also on with some crocheting, this is a big chunky waistcoat for winter, it is coming along well and should be finished within the week, not bad going for me as I don't really crochet clothes.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Trips out in the sun - The Dutch House

What a glorious week it's been for weather and finally I feel summery, I have optimistically parceled into vacuum bags some winter jumpers and vests and got some summer shirts out. This should be a sound idea for a few weeks at least!!!

I have made the most of getting out and about with my little friend Bob.

Last weekend we visited The Dutch House, an interesting little wildlife garden, plant nursery and tea room in Yorkshire (not far from Castle Howard), and no clues for guessing it's run by a lovely Dutch couple!
You can find out more here:

You can have a nice little walk around the grounds and see the sculptures and then head for a snack, Dutch pancakes a speciality but I felt it was a bit early for a juicy, sweet pancake so I opted for mushrooms on toast and we basked in the outside courtyard.

It was a Holland day when I visited so you could buy Dutch produce, salt licorice, a selection of cheeses and traditional cakes.

During the week I visited friends having an exhibition at the gallery in Bainton, that was another super hot day.

Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon in York, it was late in the day, still warm but pleasantly quiet as people went home after work, so very nice for pottering. Visited favourite coffee shops and today did another favourite coffee shop in Harrogate.

From the top pics are Spring Espresso and Bob looking at an iced coffee dripper experiment, The Attic with a delicious warm mozzarella wrap and bottom is Bean & Bud with a very tasty slice of dark choc tiffin.