Saturday, 8 June 2013

Trips out in the sun - The Dutch House

What a glorious week it's been for weather and finally I feel summery, I have optimistically parceled into vacuum bags some winter jumpers and vests and got some summer shirts out. This should be a sound idea for a few weeks at least!!!

I have made the most of getting out and about with my little friend Bob.

Last weekend we visited The Dutch House, an interesting little wildlife garden, plant nursery and tea room in Yorkshire (not far from Castle Howard), and no clues for guessing it's run by a lovely Dutch couple!
You can find out more here:

You can have a nice little walk around the grounds and see the sculptures and then head for a snack, Dutch pancakes a speciality but I felt it was a bit early for a juicy, sweet pancake so I opted for mushrooms on toast and we basked in the outside courtyard.

It was a Holland day when I visited so you could buy Dutch produce, salt licorice, a selection of cheeses and traditional cakes.

During the week I visited friends having an exhibition at the gallery in Bainton, that was another super hot day.

Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon in York, it was late in the day, still warm but pleasantly quiet as people went home after work, so very nice for pottering. Visited favourite coffee shops and today did another favourite coffee shop in Harrogate.

From the top pics are Spring Espresso and Bob looking at an iced coffee dripper experiment, The Attic with a delicious warm mozzarella wrap and bottom is Bean & Bud with a very tasty slice of dark choc tiffin.


Anne said...

Hi Sally, its a place I had never heard of before reading your post. Looks really lovely and of course having a nice cafe is probably one of the nicest recommendations!! I am loving this warm sunny weather.Long may it continue!!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh I do like te sound of the Dutch House! :)
It definitely must be summer as Bob has got hs shades on!!!!
V xxx