Friday, 21 June 2013

Happy Summer Solstice!

We've reached the longest day and yet again it's grey, it's been raining and it's making me feel grim. The main part of feeling grim is that side of me which says it's all down hill now as the nights will start to draw in again.
I'm almost making it worse by saying that but I think my lifestyle here just makes me so seasonally affected to how I was years ago. I put it down to this house and being so full of negative energy, come the glorious day when I finally escape here I hope to return to the old me who was more optimistic and positive.

I can't remember a sunny summer solstice for years, I hope some people will enjoy a sunny longest day today.

Did you also know it's National Picnic Week, what a shame when the weather is like this, I had planned a day off for a picnic today but we decided there was no point in having a picnic in the car whilst it rains outside.

Instead I will be busy at my desk, I have dug out a few of my solstice inspired photos, this first one is from years ago, maybe 1999. It was a little dough man I made inspired by Neptune and the greenman, because he was made from salt dough he absorbed damp at one point and began to crumble so I made the decision to bury him and return him to the earth he had come from. I quite liked the image as I was burying him.

These are some of my pottery creations along a greenman theme

To finish with, I used to be very into suns and moons and somewhere I have these lovely mugs, still in packing boxes after 6 years! 
Hope the sun shines on you today.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Happy summer solstice Sally! The sun is shining here so it's probably on it's way to you, chin up!
Don't forget to keep an eye out for the super moon this weekend too!
Happy weekend,
V xxx

Anne said...

We have sunshine here too Sally although it was misty and a bit rainy first thing.I have a green man placque in my garden.