Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Beaded bracelet from a friend & a new kit I'm working on

I've had a couple of nice pressies this week for no reason other than I just have some lovely, thoughtful friends. A very tasty parcel of American sweeties arrived from one friend and I'm doing a good job in demolishing those before they melt in this humid heat!

Met up with another old friend and she makes beautiful and very complex beaded jewellery and she had made me this little beauty.

As for me well I'm just putting the finishing touches to a new craft kit, it's going to be the Vintage Caravan Lovers - craft inspiration kit.

It centres around some rubber stamps I had made from my caravan drawings.

I'm quite a fan of using rubber stamps in unusual ways and it struck me this could be a very versatile design for creating mixed media pictures or pieces of embellished fabric for use in crafts as well as the traditional stamping on stationery.

The kit will have all you need to get stamping, it will also have some of my printed vintage camping fabric, natural cottons, linens and embroidery floss for sewing, some paper items and a small mystery bag of embellishments. I will include a little idea sheet to help the creative process and then hopefully people's imaginations will take over and lots of lovely caravanny things will be created.

Monday, 14 July 2014

A busy weekend for me

It's quite unusual these days for me to do something Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, but it was just such a weekend.

Friday night I went to the Moonbeams Festival at Wold Top Brewery.

I think I may have previously mentioned that one of my favourite groups were playing, the Peatbog Faeries, and this was my first time seeing them live.
Here we are just as the sun was setting heading into the big top stage and we caught the act prior to the Peatbogs, another Scottish group Breabach who were very good.

Shame about the quality of my photos but they are purely to remind myself of the fantastic evening.
Top photo below is Breabach followed by pic of Peatbogs.

They were absolutely brilliant and everything I hoped they would be. I'm putting a link to their closing track on the night, if you don't like Celtic fiddle, pipes, techno trance music then probably best you don't click the link.

Super evening, a magical little festival and a very late night.

Saturday and lack of sleep meant for a later trip to York than planned for the Ukulele Festival. Arriving at 4pm meant I'd pretty much missed all the action in the street and I would've been too tired to go into the evening for the uke open mic sessions in the pubs.
Still, I managed a nice snack in The Attic and this is the view from there into Kings Square.

Sunday was the Sledmere House car boot sale, it's usually very good for vintage and antique finds so I decided to make the effort. Oh dear, I'd only been there for about 20 mins when it decided to chuck it down, what a shame for the stall holders some of which were prepared for the rain, others just left their stuff to the elements.

The quality of stalls and items was not nearly as good as previous years and with the weather quite a few packed up at lunch time so it was all a bit disappointing.

Very little Hornsea Pottery this year, only really saw this which is a design called Seasons from about 1991.

Busy week ahead, new projects on the horizon.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Moonbeams Music Festival & ukulele brooch

Tonight and tomorrow is the Wold Top Moonbeams Folk Festival up at the brewery at Wold Newton. For some months I have been helping with all the design and artwork for the promotional material, banners, beer labels, beer mats, t-shirts, leaflets, camping and parking passes, tags etc it's been quite mammoth and kept me busy.

I'm delighted to say that I've been invited on the guest list to go and see one of my favourite groups who I haven't seen live before. This is great because it means I don't have to go to the festival and camp, I don't do camping. Instead I can just breeze in and watch the Peatbog Faeries, I'm taking Bob, the Peatbogs are a wonderful trad Celtic band from Skye. Here we are watching them on Youtube, should be pretty wild!

Another big local musical event tomorrow is the York Ukulele Festival which I was hoping to go to but sadly something has come up and I doubt I will make it.
Shame because I've been making myself a new felt, ukulele brooch based on my little white uke. Anyway I shall wear it at the gig tonight instead.

So many things on this weekend and so little time to stretch myself around. It's also the wonderful stately car boot sale at Sledmere House on Sunday, always worth a rummage.

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Free shipping at Spoonflower today until 2pm UK time

I should’ve done this yesterday but hey better late than never.
If any readers are interested in buying Spoonflower fabric they are offering free international shipping for just 24 hrs and that runs out at 2pm UK time today.
As well as my designs, featuring the vintage camping range, there are some wonderful and unusual fabrics by loads of great designers. Remember the import tax and Royal Mail handling fee when it comes into the UK.
Here are some great fabrics I found on Spoonflower. The 3 pics below in that lovely vintage style are by a designer called Peagreengirl.

This cute design is by Inktreepress

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yellow bikes at Tour de France Grand Depart

You've probably heard that Yorkshire was hosting the Grand Depart for the Tour de France this year and now we've reached Sunday evening it's clear to see it has been a huge success with bigger crowds than I think they expected.

The race was whizzing through York this morning and we ummed and aahed on Friday evening as to whether it would be worth getting up at the crack of dawn to try and see some action. The road and travel reports were giving the impression that most of the route areas would be in lock down for the 2 days so we decided to avoid and watch on telly. Lets face it, I don't like huge crowds and I would not have managed to get to the front to see anything so I think it was the best decision.

Instead we had a lovely stroll around York on Saturday evening to look at the trimmings although I have to say it didn't look as well decked as Harrogate. Here are some of the pics I got, unfortunately I didn't walk by Cliffords Tower and on TV today it looked lovely with bunting around the top.

I did enjoy the aerial views on TV showing many sights I recognised.
The bit that annoys me is over enthusiastic spectators getting in the way of the cyclists, patting them and running alongside, Grrrrrr! Just get out of the way and let them get on with the job.

So pleased the weather was kind and there's been a real buzz all week.

Back to reality and it's chucking it down here this evening :(

Thursday, 3 July 2014

July Reveal - Mollie Makes 42

Hot off the press today, Mollie Makes 42 and I can reveal my latest craft tutorial is featured.

It's a vintage caravan, plushie / cushion tutorial! Some of you know my like for the humble vintage caravan which turned into a fabric design, well that was the starting point for creating these cushions.

It has been in the making for many weeks and I've been keeping hush hush as requested by Mollie Makes until publication day, phew that was difficult!

I've spent quite a few hours burning the midnight oil with this one although it was somewhat less painful than the Nutcracker man tutorial which dragged on for months in the cold weather working times.

I'm really delighted with how this has come out and it should be pretty easy to follow and make if you fancy a go. 

After I had made my sample caravans I waited for some fine weather to trundle around Scarborough and Bridlington to take some lifestyle photos of them.

The caravans below were shot at the beach huts in Brid and these particular cushions are for sale in my Folksy shop along with some new colour caravan fabric.

Just a couple of final shots using my favourite charity shop pink chair.

I think I've done caravans to death now!!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Catch up, needle cases and new website

As June draws to a close and it should feel like the height of summer it seems to have been overcast for most of the time although that could also sum up my mood! You know that feeling when your head is so full of ideas that it feels like you're going to explode and what happens to me is I start to feel overwhelmed with what to do first in the limited hours of the day. 
Because of the problems I have in winter, cold house and poor light, I want to be going hell for leather with projects in summer but that's the time it's also nice to get out a bit for some fresh air and only so many hours in the day!

At the start of June I scribbled a huge to do list which I've since added to and not ticked many things off, it's satisfying ticking things off but then I ground to a halt a fortnight ago with a gardening related incident which immobilised my arm for some days and I couldn't drive either. That got me so mad with this stupid garden that I hate and having to keep up appearances with it incase the landlady complains again.  

Anyway I'm getting back on track and have just about finished a batch of caravan needle cases for an order.

I thought the colours were a little bit like the beach hut doors in Bridlington.

Other projects in the pipeline and just arrived back from fabric printing are cut and sew doll kits and some of my Brid photos which will turn into something, not sure what yet.

And talking of Brid I did manage a bit of an early morning stroll last weekend to take in some fresh air which was nice and there was the previous days evidence of families on the beach digging big holes and making pebble sculptures.

In recent weeks I've been trying to create a new website / blog just for my Fabric Mountain stuff. It's mainly because I have some more magazine work coming out soon (can't reveal yet) and I felt I needed a specific site to send readers to regarding Fabric Mountain rather than visiting here with all my ranting and moaning!

There will be very little new to any early readers of this blog as I am trying to back track some of my relevant textile blog posts from here onto the new site but eventually it will feature new work.

Oh dear it's raining, looks like the start of the grim weather weekend, hope it's better where you are :)