Thursday, 8 October 2009

Packaging 1

I've decided I'll be doing some posts on the subject of packaging as it seems to come in and out of my life at different levels.

I used to work in reprographics for a small part of my career, the first place I did repro was a drinks can company and the second and final repro artist job I had was working on labels which I can honestly say I hated. Maybe not so much the labels but the place I worked was the most stressful, unpleasant place and I'll stop there as I'm feeling uncomfortable remembering it and 13 years have passed!

Anyway, despite the horrors of packaging it seems most of the work I currently do is labels but this time I'm on the nice end of it and I do the design & creative stuff with only a tiny bit of repro if required.
I also love looking at new labels and packaging in shops and have been known on occasion to buy something just for the packaging, purely for research purposes of course!

So the other day in the textiles class I was delighted to see a request on a handout we were given to tell us to look out for and collect unusual and unconventional wrappers and packaging and other such materials. I'm starting to appreciate how some label designs have an almost textile quality to them.
The photos are some recent purchases where the contents were enjoyed as much as the packs!

Also whilst on this subject, have you seen Sherbet Fountains are changing from the paper tube to a horrible new hygienic pack with a black plastic stopper over the licorice. I first read this on someones blog and I have seen the new packs but yesterday I found some of the old style ones in a local shop. I have to say that the ones on the photo I bought yesterday are out of date so bit naughty of the shop to have them on the shelves still, but I bought them anyway as I'm sure these are some of the last surviving packs we know and love from our childhood.

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