Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year crafting & books

I haven't been out much since new year but yesterday was pleasant, even a bit of sun appeared and I went to York. 
It was surprisingly quiet in town and not heaving with people going around the sales which was great for me as I don't like crowds. I made for both the music shops I know and bought a tuner for my ukulele and a plectrum so I'm all geared up for some serious practising!

I also bought 2 interesting books, well one is an annual magazine, Inspired

The other, handmade books, which is something I want to do in my long list of things I want to make this year!

Current new year craft activities have included these fabric cat and rabbit head brooches which I've just been uploading to my folksy shop.

Here's the start of them

And here they are finished. They're quick and fun to do and use up leftover scraps.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love the brooches Sally, very cute!!! :)
Belfast wasn't at all busy either yesterday, I think everyone is fed up with the sales!
V xxx

lavender attic said...

Happy New Year Sally!
Hope you're well, it's not too cold at the moment is it? Love the brooches and your choice of fabrics.
Sally x

Anne said...

They are great Sally.