Sunday, 17 August 2014

New fabric and cake

Last week on a wet day (see pic!) I visited the new John Lewis shop in York for the first time and there were some lovely things inside. 

Some unusual things, some expensive things but generally a pleasant enough place for a potter on a wet day.
Love the old new telephones.

Not a huge craft / haberdashery department but some very nice furnishing fabric and expensive wool.
I bought these end of roll remnants in lovely quality linen.

Other material I stumbled across this week in good old local bargain shop W. Boyes, these festive (better not use the C word yet) Scandi style linen fabrics.

My other main activity this week was a family gathering to celebrate my nana's 104th birthday which I think makes her the oldest person in the care home. I have a picture of the lovely cake and I think a good time was had by all of the residents in the home who were awake when we had the food and entertainment. A lot of them sadly were sleeping or away with the fairies.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Happy birthday to your Nana, that is an amazing age.
Thanks so much Sally for all your comments of late, they are much appreciated. xxx

lavender attic said...

The John Lewis is lovely, but agree they are missing a dress fabric section!! The Boyes fabric looks nice, I like that style.

Helen Coulter said...

I was in Glasgow a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to get to John Lewis, I did end up buying some wool, but you are right the wool is beautiful but very expensive, and of course you need to know what to do with it! Happy Birthday to your Nana, 4 Queen cards now, or is that 5!

Shaheen said...

Belated Birthday wishes to you Nana. Her cake is fantastic, loving those edible purple violets. When I lived in Glasgow, and worked in the city (my first job) I would often visit the cook section of John Lewis, when I got paid I would treat myself to something from the cook section. It is a nice place, with some unusual things, now we visit the one in Cardiff and D walks around in the electrical section, dreaming of things he would love to have.
PS Will write soon.