Tuesday, 28 October 2014

October - not a great month despite juicing!

October is nearly done, it started quite positive but tailed off when I got a horrible cold last week and so I'm just trying to get back to normal this week. It was one of the worst colds I'd had for a few years because for 2 days my temperature was hot and cold within minutes and I couldn't regulate a steady comfort level in this house so being in bed was the best place.

Not like me at all, I couldn't even be bothered to pick up a crochet hook, all the coughing was giving me a constant headache so I was good for nothing. 
What made this so annoying was the week before I'd had a binge of juicing to combat signs of feeling generally run down. We had a full day of no solid food just veggie juices which I planned into a Saturday so that we could stay in and if we felt weak or a bit rough with the lack of sugar etc we could just sweat it out.

I had a wonderful mix of veggie juice 'meals' with the odd bit of fruit in too and I found these milk bottles in Lakeland which were perfect for making a big batch and storing it in for the 24hrs. I survived the day albeit a bit weak and a bit peckish by the evening but hopefully it boosted me with vitamins.

During the cold I made a more citrus and spinach based juice (below).

Early in the month I did this little embroidery for a birthday card.

Still beseiged by huge spiders which I hate so I bought this from Lakeland, not sure if it has made any effect as the house seems to be beyond warding spiders away from cracks and crevices but it's worth a try.

And talking pests, we are having a bad year with mice here and it's just adding to the feelings of miserableness I have. I know on the scale of it life could be worse but it gets me down at this time of year and now the days are short I'm feeling pretty much can't be bothered with most things.

I bought this light bulb to add much needed good light for working and hoped it might cheer me up a bit to get back to crafting.
It's a fabulous eco bulb and gives me equivalent of 150w and not a bad price at £5.99.

Anyway, still with a cough and sniffling I've done a few gentle crafty things, I found some things lying around and fabric printed them, shells and doilly.

Ah, the stress free joy of something simple! Of course all the time I've not been doing anything my mind has been racing away coming up with new ideas of things I want to make and getting myself frustrated at my lack of energy for it. 

Sorry anyone reading for having a moan, hope to have some nice new crafty pics soon.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh dear Sally, makes me think would we all be better eating chocolate instead of healthy drinks?? Sorry I know you're feeling low just trying to raise a smile! ;)
I'm afraid I don't get the spider thing as I have absolutely no problem with them at all but I know many do! I do remove them as I don't like their webs but I just gather them up and rehome them. My greenhouse has many but they are allowed in there as they can only being doing good. Before the cats we used to have mice every autumn in the garage we always used live traps to remove them I always preferred that to what the cats do to them.
Hope you feel much better soon, oh and gorgeous embroidery!
V x

Plain Jane said...

Blooming heck it sounds like you've had a right rough time of it - nasty lurgy. I had two weeks of tonsilitis and general fluey symptoms and got nothing done at all. Glad you're coming through the other side now and your crafty spark has been reignited. Love the embroidery with the little bird - it looks like a Victorian original! Jane x

patty said...

Thanks V and Jane, I think I must just be a big wuss compared to stuff other people go through so I shouldn't moan really.