Friday, 13 February 2015

What a grey day!

I usually like Friday 13th's but today it's so grey and damp and chilly. 

So here are some colourful brooches I've been making, bit too late for Valentines but I'll list them as Mothers Day gifts in my shop.

We still have a bit of icy slushy stuff hanging around here because there are some parts the sun never shines on the driveway and it's an even bigger mess than the previously muddy pictures I've shown.
Some renovation work is going on, not to the house, no that would be far too practical, but to some disused sheds! The builders and their digger have chewed things up to a state it's virtually only passable in a 4WD, good job I don't have visitors. I try to put people off calling as it's so awful, slippery and dangerous. It looks like a building site with no health and safety taken into account.

Here's some mud, and the landlords expect us to drive up and down this daily, our car is permanently brown, and I have to wade through it to drag the bin up about 100m and it doesn't wheel very well through mud and all the ruts and potholes. It's just disgusting.
We were told the drive will be sorted when the builders finish, I reckon that will be months.

I will finish with a very nice tree. This tree is a marvellous specimen which grows outside my hairdressers and I finally captured a pic of it yesterday when I went for a trim.
One of it's branches, on the left, stretches fully across the path towards the road like a bridge for you to walk under.


Sandies' Patch said...

It might be a dull old grey day but,your brooches are bright and cheerful!

Shaheen said...

Everyone so focussed on Valentines Day that it has passed them by that today 1s Friday the 13th :) The brooches are lovely, perfect for Mothers Day for sure. I am sorry that you are surrounded by nuisance work being done to sheds rather than the house you live in, and also those roads - terrible. Stay strong and bright x.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh dear that's an awful lot of mud, poor you!!! It's permanent wellies then.
Your little brooches are beautiful and just the thing for a grey day! :)
V x