Saturday, 18 July 2015

Not the summer I had planned & open to improvement!

I'm sure in the months to come I will look back at this summer and notch it up as one of my worst. At the moment I'm just plodding through it as best I can. Since losing my Gran my OH has been ill and my dad has been ill and then fell and made the existing problems 10 times worse.

I've just reached the end of the week which saw me being a taxi service transporting OH and dad to 5 different hospital and doctors appointments between them. I had absolutely dreaded taking my dad to hospital because there's the hassle of parking and hardly ever any spaces and then I have the joy of searching for a wheelchair to get him inside. On one occasion I was very lucky as an ambulance man assisted with the wheelchair pushing. We went to another hospital the next day and the lifts were a nightmare, it's like a scrum to get in and out, rather like getting on a London tube.

Anyway the end of this difficult week has arrived and generally things are picking up for the poorly ones however my dad will be going for an operation next week which my sister will come over for and organise. Hopefully that will be the start of getting him mobile again.

We got finished at hospital early one day and that meant I could take advantage of a stroll in the sun around the Sunk Island area and along the bank of the Humber where I used to go gathering samphire as a kid.

Cow parsley and teasels at Sunk Island.

A random gate by a field side at Sunk Island (a lonesome gate to a field of dreams)

My route home took me via a new craft outlet at Hornsea Freeport, it was definitely worth a look as they have some great fabric at low prices and pretty much loads of other stuff for sewing, knitting, crochet, felting etc.
I bought a few nice fat quarters.

Not that I'm finding much time at the moment to do anything creative, doing normal work is a task in itself.

I think in the last 5 weeks, other than my taxi-ing duties & school day we've only been out twice, managed a stroll along the walls in York last weekend.

Then last night we went for tea in Scarborough with the little furry friend to Eat Me Cafe. This is called a tin plate feta and walnut salad, it arrives quite quirky wrapped in paper, chased by a slice of key lime pie :)

I'm not sure which street we parked down but Scarborough does have a lovely mish mash of architectural styles as you wander around. I hadn't noticed this wonderful Gothic looking place before.

Next week I will catch up with some work and then hopefully I might have chance to visit the Driffield Show on Wednesday if everything is ticking along ok.
Have a nice weekend :)


Shaheen said...

I detest the idea of hospitals, for the reasons your mentioned. You are terribly stressed with all the parking palaver and getting in, even before you get to be seen by the medical staff. I am sorry that you have had to be a taxi service, but I guess that is where family comes into its own. I dread to think if something happened to D or me, who would help. I have family nearby, but they are wrapped in their own world to help much these days. Good that things are calming a bit though, and I do hope your health is good, even if your mood and surrounding brings you down, i hope its not for long my friend. Seems you had a good time at Sunk Island, I had not heard of it before and I love the thought of you picking samphire. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

Shaheen said...

PS forgot to say, love the picture of the lonesome gate - pretty amazing really in a field.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh dear Sally, I hope all concerned will be on the mend very soon! You know visiting hospital shouldn't really turn into an ordeal, the fact that you have to be there in the first place is bad enough without it turning into some sort of obstacle course!!
I love the gate and how cute does Bob look with his serviette tucked in his shirt. :)
V x