Wednesday, 30 March 2016

2016 saw the move to Skye

This is just a very quick post if anyone still reads this because I don't currently have any internet access and I have to drive to the library for wifi.
I finally moved to Skye 7 weeks ago, it was a heck of a hassle finishing off the packing and the stress of the actual move. We moved up the day before my 50th birthday and had only the belongings which would squeeze in the back of a Jimny to survive with for our initial fortnight. All our other stuff was set to follow 2 weeks later.

After the initial excitement of the journey through the snowy Highlands, and some horrible weather conditions in between, it took over 10 hours to reach the house.

We were too tired to take it all in really but the next day we started to spot problems in the house, damage to my beautiful new kitchen and other areas of poor workmanship. This took the shine off arriving at a new house on my birthday, it is an ongoing battle trying to get the builders to come back and sort things out.
Our little holiday cottage also has problems and will be some time before it is available and ready to bring us some much needed income in.

We have a very wet plot of land which is an issue and will take some drying up before we can lay grass seed. We have no landline or internet, the delays here are horrendous to get hooked up so I can't do my work, we can't order stuff online, we can't get our holiday cottage web site going and it's causing much grief and delays.

Things are basically not going to plan one bit and you do begin to wonder whether we have done the right thing moving here, or should we have left this as purely our holiday destination. It's complicated, everything seems difficult to sort out and everything is very expensive to sort out.
It's not looking like this is a long term proposition.

We will continue to press on as best we can and see how things progress through the summer.
I am still trying to unpack boxes, the house was filled when the removal company brought over 200 of them and I think I still have about 50 to unpack, the house is much smaller so I am selling stuff,  giving more to charity and doing a car boot sale soon in order to get this house sorted and looking less like a storage container!

Sadly I can't post pictures with my limited internet access in the local library but hopefully one day I will be back online in my own home.

All the best to my bloggy friends for now :)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe I'm sending you a big hug Sally. Sorry things haven't run smoothly for you but then these sort of operations seldom do and I'm sure if you persevere you'll see some light at the end of the tunnel.
I have every crossed for you that this will be the home you want it to be.
V xxx

Shaheen said...

I wish I was near to give you a big hug. These things, moving home never go easy - its one of the most stressful things we do in our lives. It will work out, don't doubt yourself and your decision. It is still winter and warmer days are coming, so stay strong - your dream is becoming a reality, albeit it very slowly. x

Sandies' Patch said...

Well done on getting there!
I',m sure you will soon have everything as you want it to be!
Good luck in your new to you Home!
I have a friend who is hoping to move to Skye permantly, she wanted to be in by the end of Spring but, the Croft and dwelling she wanted in Staffin was under offer a few weeks ago and is probably officially sold now. She is determined to get there though, with a lot of help from her friends who, will be having a 'free' holiday once in a while there!
Hugs xxx