Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Offline for a while

Fri 30th, work and blog have ground to a halt because our internet connection is down. After talking to Virgin support for quite a while, getting passed from person to person and trying all their suggestions it seems we have a 'fault'!
They finally accepted the problem was at their end (although they don't what it is) and frustratingly it may take anything from 5 days upwards to investigate and sort out.
I can really do without this hassle as I've got so many things to sort out internet related and therefore I'm going to have to make trips down to the local library to see if I can get online and get back in touch with the world.

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Blossom said...

My sympathies - I've previously suffered from disconnection with Virgin - turned my computer upside down trying to work it out and then finding the fault was at their end. Now I tend to wait it out when there seems to be a problem, usually only a few hours. Leaves me feeling totally bereft!
Good luck.