Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mondays trip to college

On the way to Brid yesterday I caught up with a curious looking van, well it's not everyday you see a van with The Beatles on the back. I was hoping to see what was written on the side as we swished round the corners to satisfy my curiosity, was it a mobile disco or maybe Ringo's secret runaround. Annoyingly it turned off at Burton Agnes and I didn't get to see!

Had an interesting session on the textile course. We had taken in some of our photos to manipulate and they'd got some sheets of cotton and silk to feed through the printer. All very expensive, a packet of this stuff is about £65 so we were just allowed 4 sheets each. These are a couple of my prints onto cotton and silk, the idea will be to embellish these.

Stopped by Gallery 49 to see if the valentines exhibition was in full swing and was delighted to see quite a bit of my stuff in the windows.

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