Thursday, 27 January 2011

Start of year 3 of my blog

Well it's another blogiversary for me and to launch the blog year with a load of new words, pictures & projects I need a nice cup of tea & some biscuits to get me motivated on this cold, grey January day.
I found these Earl Grey biscuits in M&S which are rather nice and the perfect accompaniment to a cup of Earl Grey. 
As much I'm a coffee head my favourite refreshing brew is Earl Grey.

I'm hoping the rest of the day can be devoted to making some good progress with collage work I'm doing for the exhibition ERA are having at Sledmere House. Our deadline in Feb is approaching fast, the artworks will be displayed in the rooms at Sledmere which provided your inspiration and it runs from Easter to June.


Richard said...

Happy blogiversary

Blossom said...

Well said, Richard!
I meant to send my congratulations last week too, but some four-legged monsters (er, dear puppies) demanded immediate attention and the moment was lost. But not quite...
I want to repeat how much I enjoy reading your blog entries - you have introduced me to more interests than I thought anyone had time for, but you manage to find that from somewhere, goodness knows how? And some of them make me rather hungry and definitely thirsty!
Looking forward to even more..
Many thanks

patty said...

Thanks B, I think you were my first follower so it's nice to see you are still on the journey into Blogland with me.
Bet those puppies are keeping you busy!