Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vintage stamps 1

At some point during the Christmas break I was rummaging in boxes and I happened across my old stamp album. I seem to remember I was in the stamp club at school when I was about 10 (along with the recorder club) and I used to save my pocket money to collect as many first day covers as I could manage. Maybe that sounds a bit boring but I was really fascinated by the designs and colours, gold embossing at Christmas, scratch & sniff stamps, holograms, heat/colour reactive stamps.... oh the joy of it!

I have always loved things in miniature so collecting these little works of art in a book was like having my own little art gallery to hand.
I had a secret desire to design a collection of stamps (still unfulfilled), do you remember the odd Blue Peter contest to design some stamps, well I always had a go but with no luck. (I did once have a picture shown on Tony Hart's gallery).

Anyway, I've gone off on a nostalgic tangent.
It was great to open my stamp album and see them again and I have to say, my favourites back then are still my favourites now. I think I might need to find a use for them, maybe a collage or something textiley.
I used to buy those packs of foreign collections and some of the designs have come full circle and are very contemporary so I have decided to show a few now and again when I need to do a filler post.

I think I was going to do that with packaging design although I haven't posted anything along those lines recently so watch this space.

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