Friday, 18 October 2013

Free food without the forage!

I met up with my friend who builds straw bale houses this week for a long overdue summer catch up. She has been setting up a new organic vegetable growing business this year and this is the logo I designed for it.

When we met she said she would bring me some leeks and carrots, that was a bit of an understatement, she brought 2 bags of veg and a bag of apples and pears, plus some eggs which have been lovely.
This is the haul, it's such a treat to receive all this lovely home grown veg for free so thank you Carol.

I had to use the apples first as some were a bit bruised and I juiced them, they were slightly sweet cooking apples but made a lovely sharp juice.
I also made leek and onion soup.

Look at the squashes, the funny bendy ones are summer squashes, I've roasted one. The taste was a little earthy and dare I say meaty so not quite to my liking, I'm much more looking forward to the butternut squash.

There was a bag of beetroot so I have pickled that and the spices smelt lovely. This was done to a Mrs Beeton recipe.

There's a huge bag of carrots to get through so I'm planning some more juicing today with the surplus.
And with the weather being so miserable I think the Nigel Slater onion and lentil stew (which also has carrots) will go down very nicely.

Have a good weekend!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a great haul of fruit and veg, it sounds like you've turned into Nigel Slater yourself this week with all the cooking you've done!
They really are strange looking squashes ( or is it just squash) there I go again! ;)
Happy weekend Sally,
V xxx

Anne said...

Fantastic goodies Sally. The squashes are a bit strange arent they? I dont think I would have known what to do with them.
Your design was very clever, you are very talented.

Shaheen said...

Wow that is a haul, admiring those squashes. And the logo design is lovely.