Saturday, 26 October 2013

Laura Ashley 60th anniversary

I was a big Laura Ashley fan in the early to mid 80's. I had a beautiful collection of summer tea dresses, winter cord and tartan dresses, skirts, jumpers and then homewares, fabrics and even perfume. (still have some non fitting dresses packed away!)

It is quite amazing that Laura Ashley is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and with the reissue of one of my favourite fabrics, Emma.

Imagine how delighted I was to find a special 60th Emma mug the other week to enjoy my Earl Grey in!

I used to have the fabric, the table linen a lamp shade and the Emma perfume. I went rummaging in my vintage stash and found some of those items. Below, alongside the 'new' Emma mug is the original Emma tea pot cosy, napkins and table cloth and still in good condition.

I think Laura Ashley clothes lost their way a bit in the 90's and lost my interest, and what with the passing of time, I can't afford to look at their clothes these days but I'm happy to hunt down a LA garment in a charity shop!
It is a joy to see some of the old fabric designs being reproduced again for the anniversary and it brings a warm nostalgic glow for those of us of a certain age I suspect!

Whilst I was rummaging, I also found my lovely, vintage Liberty tea towel which has suffered in one of the damp houses I've lived in these past few years. We were lucky enough to have a Liberty shop in York which was a real treat to go in but that has long disappeared.

Here is my teatowel.

It seems like a weather storm is brewing, Bob and myself have been traveling for a few days so we must go and unpack. The clocks are changing so maybe we will put the central heating on for the first time tomorrow, been hanging on as long as poss but I guess winter is upon us.

Batten down the hatches folks! 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Emma was a lovely print, I can't believe it has been 60 years since the beginning of Laura Ashley. I definitely think it was at its best in the '80's. When I was sorting my craft stuff out when I moved into my new room I turned up my LA patchwork pieces that I bought in the '80's, needless to say I never got around to sewing them up but I did love the fabric.
Not sure if our weather is going to be as bad as the mainland, hopefully not!
V xxx

Anne said...

I love Laura Ashley too Sally, most especially for the home furnishings. I have used some of her designs in the 80's,90's,00's and we have a LA leather sofa and various household items in use today!! I have got two old LA furnishings books which are fascinating to read too.

lavender attic said...

Sally, I had Emma cushions in the late 80s early 90s on my pink dralon sofa, to match my pink stripy wallpaper with a dado rail (gorgeous!) plus a chipboard lamp table covered with an Emma tablecloth I made! Then we were all brainwashed to chuck out our chintz, glad to see you kept some of your Laura Ashley stuff!

patty said...

How interesting, seems we all think fondly of LA.
V, I used to buy the patchwork squares too, I think I made a cushion once!
A, snap, I have a LA home furnishing book which is really quite lovely to look back on.
S, spooky again, my Emma pride and joy was a circular cloth on a chipboard table and the Emma lamp on it. Wow, and then we did indeed chuck out our chintz! And now I am buying the old LA stuff again! What goes around I guess.