Monday, 23 December 2013

Festive mixed media collages

Really not feeling festive, less so than usual, still full of cold and haven't been out for food shopping in days (the plan is late tonight!). Haven't felt like doing my usual baking, the house is at it's coldest on a windy day like today as the drafts and wind chill blow right through.

I wanted to enjoy this festive season just a little bit knowing that I am working on this being my last, cold, miserable Christmas in this house but I think my cold has zapped all the energy out of me.

However the week before the cold I did enjoy making some festive collages as I often do for using as my own Christmas cards or digital greetings.

I've been recycling old pages from a book which provides a really nice surface for drawing on and I've simply used a black pen for patterning up some festive images.

The collages have some cut out details which are inlaid with contrasting paper, I have also machine stitched some parts, rubber stamped and then digitally added some finishing touches and lettering.

Here is one of my finished robins.

I also did a stag image

And then for a final bit of fun I thought the images might make nice stamps so I adapted them into my own postage stamps.

Festive good wishes everyone and hope you are keeping warm and safe from the strong winds and high tides.


Plain Jane said...

So sorry your still feeling so phooey - at least it should be out of the way for the big day. Take it easy and enjoy the simple things x Jane

Louise said...

Hope that you are feeling better soon .
Wishing you a merry christmas

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh dear sorry you're feeling poorly Sally! Hope you pick up a bit to enjoy your Christmas dinner!
Just think though this time next year you will be a cosier place! :)
Happy Christmas my friend,
V xxx

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

hope you are feeling better soon Sally and wrapping up as warm as you can through these storms. I love the Christmas Cards, they are lovely.
And, as we all know handmade cards are the best of all

patty said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments and good wishes. I'm feeling somewhat better and I have my festive food now which cheers me up. Have fun folks x

Shaheen said...

Just read that you are feeling a tad better. Good. And you got your festive food, about time - it would be mad going out this evening in the shopping madness rush.

I adore your festive collages, you really are a talented women and very diverse in your creativity.
I agree with GreenRabbitDesigns Just think this time next year you will be a warmer and cosier place - a place you can truly call HOME! :)

Sandies' Patch said...

Hope you are feeling more festive soon.
Your collages are lovely!
I hope 2014 sees you happy,healthy and prosperous!