Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I hope everyone has had a suitably lovely festive time. It's been another quiet Christmas here and that's been fine as we don't really 'do' the Christmas thing in a big way. For me it's a chance to have the time to gather nice ingredients together and try some new recipes which I have and which turned out quite well.

As it's been pretty much grey, damp and chilly I've also stayed in and tried to keep warm and do some crafting, I am currently making some of my Harris tweed brooches.

They look quite interesting on the back too.

I'm just adding sheep, and embroidering heather onto them but work has stopped today with cold hands!

It's drawing to the end of 2013 and it's another year I am pleased to see the back of. I had hoped for better as 13 is a lucky number for me but it wasn't quite so this year. I've only achieved a couple of the things on my internal to do list, getting my Barista qualification and getting editorial into magazines but there are other irons still in the fire.
Lets hope 2014 is the year when I achieve much more.

I wish everyone a wonderful happy and healthy new year and it will be lovely to 'chat' with you again on the other side! x


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love those cute little sheep Sally! :)
As for those irons in the fire they will be especially hot when they do come out!!!
Wishing you happy times in 2014!!
V xxx

Thimble Fingers said...

Love your brooches, they are just so cute. I know what you mean about 2013, its not been a very lucky year for me or many, but here's hoping 2014 brings all you strive for. Hope all those irons burn brightly for you.

Louise said...

Sweet brooches, they years fly so quickly, good luck for 2014

Shaheen said...

Like you I am so glad to see the end of 2013, and with this in mind I wish you a warm and happy 2014 and hope you achieve much more and wider audience to your talents x

I love how your brooches are shaping up. I love the sheep. Please Do share the final product.

Twiggy said...

Happy New Year, the brooches are gorgeous!!

Anne said...

Sally I'm loving those sheep brooches! I wish you a wonderful new year and hope you achieve everything you want to.