Saturday, 11 January 2014

I'm slowly embracing the new year

January is one of my least favourite months so I find it takes a bit of time to get going with things and life in general at this time of year. I'd rather January was over and done with, it's a dark cold month where I have things to sort out I don't like sorting out. There was the boiler to sort out in the house this week, always a worry as it never seems to work again after servicing with it being so old and crappy, next is my car to deal with, service, MOT and tax, it's getting more costly and more hassle as the car gets older.
But anyway, I'm ticking bits off and trying to do some nice things too.

I haven't had many trips out but I went for one last look at the festive shop windows in York just after new year. From the top we have the Hairy Fig on Fossgate which always has interesting displays in the window, some nice handmade looking pixie dolls and a Bettys cake.

I have finished making the Harris Tweed jewellery I started in a previous post, there are a selection of brooches and I made a couple of pendants this time which are going in my Folksy shop soon.

I also got round to using some sea glass which I had beach-combed in Skye last year. I've tried making pendants by wire wrapping the glass, there are lots of YouTube videos giving info on this but it's quite satisfying.

Here are the finished pendants I made.

I have also been sorting out some of my favourite fat quarters and stashing them into vacu-bags for safe and clean storage whilst I'm between projects.

Not that much going on really but I did make the most of the lovely bright and crisp day today and had a trip to Whitby, just need to download my pics.
Hope it stays nice for tomorrow too.


Anne said...

Seems we were both in need of sea air Sally! We have been to Scarborough today. Loving the sea glass pendants. I do love the texture and colour of sea glass anyway. Very pretty.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Strangely I don't mind January at all, I'm just glad to be done with December!!
Lovely makes, I really like the brooches, very pretty.:) That looks like a good way to store fabric!
V xxx