Friday, 31 January 2014

Goodbye and good riddance January!

These pictures will nicely sum up January, bleak, wet, grey, damp, miserable, cold. I made a trip across the Yorkshire Wolds today to the lovely Art & Rose Gallery in Pocklington to deliver a few brooches on the theme of Love Tokens for their Valentine selling exhibition, brooch pictures will come later as I need to get practising for ukulele group tonight.


Helenjean said...

now I am intrigued, uekele (I know it is spelled wrong) > I nearly bought one for my husband for christmas, not sure if he would like one but I would like him to have one

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I am completely distracted from the January photos by the fact that you play the ukulele!! :)
V xxx

patty said...

Ha ha, thanks both, not sure I can be classed as playing the ukulele, trying is more like it! I know a few lines of a couple of songs.
HelenJean, you must get your hubby one, it's a great thing to pick up at any age and you can get going quite quickly strumming a few chords but to play it well does take time and practise. Ukes are cheap and there are loads of tutorials on YouTube.