Saturday, 11 January 2014

Winter day in Whitby

I think that first picture pretty much says "Whitby".
It was such a lovely bright and crisp winters day that we decided to have our annual pilgrimage to Whitby. I like to go out of season as it's so much easier to get parked and wander around. That said it was quite busy by 2pm so I think a lot of other people had had the same idea.

I have many Whitby pictures of the abbey and such so I will show a few alternative pics here.

Just near to the whale bones is a compass in the pavement.

After a bit of wandering it was time to warm ourselves with a cuppa at the lovely Elizabeth Botham victorian tea room, I prefer it to a Betty's tea room as it's not nearly as pompous, Betty's is so touristy and over rated (only my view).

Look at the cake display, one of my favourites is the Hazelnut Jap, it's the chocolate sprinkled ones with a button on top.

Of course I'm very selective with my coffee drinking so no way was I having a coffee, but the tea menu is pretty extensive and you can't go too far wrong with tea like you can coffee. I had a very nice Earl Grey with a beautiful round of wholemeal cinnamon toast.

Onwards and upwards towards the old town. I found a very nice fabric shop called Judiths and I purchased these fat quarters.

 A couple of views across the harbour in the low winter sun which created some wonderful rich colours.

I know this is probably a bit weird pic for a vegetarian, but the Fortunes Kipper Smokery is quite an iconic building and probably lucky to still be there as there was a landslide on the cliff behind it last year.

I do love cobbles and quirky, colourful buildings like this.

I treated myself to a couple of bits of jewellery in a favourite gift shop called Ruby Tuesdays, I really like these fun acrylic pieces.

A wonderful day was had by all.


Helenjean said...

I read a Anne Perry novella last connected with Whitby and the Dracula story so it was nice to read your post.
And I agree, coffee can be quite a disappointment at times in caf├ęs

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe I have find memories of Whitby, such a lovely little town!
Actually you water photos are almost Venice-like! :)
V xxx

Anne said...

I love Whitby Sally, it was either Whitby or Scarborough for us and we chose Scarborough for a change.Sounds as if Whitby was just as busy for you as Scarborough was for us.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

Whitby brings back such lovely memories of my grandparents. I haven't been for years but an aunt has moved there so a visit is imminent. Have a great week x

Crafty in the Med said...

In all it looks a delightful day out Patty. I'd lean towards your Victorian tearooms too ....its those cakes you see that would draw me!! The tea sounds delicious too!
Beautiful photos too ....could be mistaken for somewhere in the Mediterranean with that lovely sunlight and colours!

keep well

Amanda :-)

Shaheen said...

Ah lovely Whitby, during our drives up and down from Scotland to Essex in 2011, D and me have been fortunate to stop and visit Whitby, Scarborough and Bridlington. I must admit, I don't remember seeing these places you've mentioned (we were there only for a couple of hours), so its a nice and refreshing post. I agree some eateries are just over-rated. Love your little treats, enjoy them. PS Nothing wrong being a veggie and showcasing a smokery. Some places are traditional. I actually think I've seen this smokery on TV showcased by Rick Stein.

patty said...

Thanks for all the lovely, interesting comments.