Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mud and stuff!

It's been a pretty soggy week, grey and gloomy and typical of everything I dislike about January. Maybe I should be greatful that we haven't had the white stuff yet!

The lack of maintenance around  here is becoming more visible with this soggy weather, the driveway is in a complete state of potholes and mud, I hate mud.

The driveway comes down hill and if it was my driveway I would divert the flow of water away from the house but what happens is it all comes down the hill and gathers infront of the house. It needs new gravel down too and potholes filling but as usual it's another thing going to rack and ruin.
Our cars are in a right state going up and down through this and the picture below shows part of the 100m I have to drag the bins through to get them on the top road for emptying, it's a nightmare, the wheels get stuck in the mud and the fuller the bin the worse it is.

Something nicer, more new brooches finished and listed in my Folksy shop and then I'm on with Valentines things for the gallery, a chance to go mad with hearts and flowers!

A spot of biscuit making this afternoon with some new cookie cutters.


lavender attic said...

Those biscuits look delicious - could just eat one (but am on a diet!) Where did you get the cookie cutters from?

patty said...

Hi Sally, if you drop back here, I'm very impressed by your diet :) Cookie cutters, a friend got me the EatMe one although I think they have something similar in Give the Dog a Bone in York, upstairs. Most of the others, apart from the star pentacle I've pressed in the centre where from the Steamer cookshop in Beverley.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love your cookie cutters! :)
Your brooches are little works of art Sally.
Re the mud....think nice thoughts!!!
V xxx