Wednesday, 5 February 2014

February crafty creations

Hello February, still a bit damp and miserable. not got off to the best of starts with the hassle of a tree down here in the winds. However, it's a birthday month for me (lets not mention that any more, too old to get excited!) and as we all know it's the month of love or luuurve!

I was asked to create a love token for the Valentine selling exhibition at the Art & Rose Gallery in Pocklington so I set about thinking of something a little less obvious to the hearts I was going to do.
I had a tah da! moment, I thought nostalgia, romance, Victoriana opulence, hands and hearts and eventually the Love Glove brooch evolved.

This was the first one.

I then embellished a bit more for the next one.

No machine stitching, it's all hand stitching on these as they are quite small and delicate. 
The gloves are a great way to use up little scraps of reclaimed fabric and lace. I have made about 7 so far, I think they actually make quite a nice gift beyond Valentines so I will be making a few more for my friends selling exhibition at Harrogate in March (see poster at end)

I wanted to present these nicely so I created some little textile love letter pouches to keep the love tokens safe. These are 2 which went to Pocklington.

I have added a couple to my Folksy shop and I've also made a 2 piece set with a heart pendant and a glove.

Thank you if you stuck it out to the end, I think I went a bit mad with the pictures but I reckon it's a reflection of how I've enjoyed making them :)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

They're absolutely beautiful Sally! They will definitely go beyond Valentines Day, they would be lovely for Mothers Day too!
V xxx

Anne said...

Sally you are so clever. They are all gorgeous.

Shaheen said...

Oh my goodness, how utterly gorgeous and beautiful. Anyone who would be given those loving hands would just fall in love with them and the stitched enveloped - magic. I agree with greenrabbitdesigns - would make an lovely Mothers Day Gift Too. Thanks for sharing the photographs too, each one is so different.

Rise Textile said...

This is absolutely stunning. You have done it so beautifully and finished work. keep going good.