Monday, 24 February 2014

Groovy mug, book and biscuits

Last week I had another belated christmas / birthday treat when I met up with an old work chum. I was treated to a delicious feast for lunch at The Little Organic Bakery in Brid and we exchanged some lovely pressies.

My friend is as big a craftoholic as myself and she had made me this fabulous covered sketch pad with a craft ninja embroidery :)

In amongst some other very groovy things I received this tin mug with all my favourite ice lollies on.

I think I've done christmas with everyone now!

Mega busy with work at the moment but having a morning out with some of the networking crowd tomorrow so quickly had a go with my Russian doll biscuit cutters from previous post.

I only had a couple of icing colours kicking about so not the most exciting of decoration for a first attempt, but they taste nice!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Really love the ice lolly mug Sally!! :)
V xxx

Twiggy said...

Love the ninja, I think the biccies are very cute

Anne said...

Love the biscuits! And the ice cream mug is fab. I remember them all!