Friday, 7 March 2014

A pink post of purchases

It's March, brilliant, it's starting to feel a bit more spring like, and I feel a bit more positive.

I wouldn't say I'm a 'pink' girlie sort of person as purple and black is my favourite colour combination but every now and again a splash of pink is a lovely tonic.

In recent months I have gathered a few pink things, I'm sure it's nothing to get worried about and I will return to the gloom of black and purple soon! But just to show that I can be a bit more colourful I will show you my finds,

2 charity shop bargains, a pink shirt and a lovely soft, mohair jumper, both M&S so quite nice quality.
The pink fawn brooch was from a vintage shop in Bridlington called Behind The Times on Bridge St and well worth a look for some snazzy little vintage gifts and a pile of vintage fabric too.

Then we have this groovy pink plastic retro look Ikea chair, also a charity shop find for a fiver. It will look lovely one day when I have a nice new studio to set up in.

The cushion was from a cheapy shop in Brid and it's one of those cushions without a zip so no cleaning it, I might have to cut into it and add buttons or something so that I can wash it when needed.

From the same shop, I can't remember the name but it's in the Promenades shopping centre, are these fabulous storage boxes in the style of vintage books. Very much my type of thing with a collaged effect design, and cheap too from 1.99.

I'm all pinked out!
Have a good weekend everyone, hope you are in the fine weather zone :)


Helenjean said...

glad to see you are in the pink! Love the mohair jumper and the little fawn, reminded me of the babycham deer

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Do you know what, I don't own anything pink at all, if I started to buy pink things my family would be concerned for me! ;)
I do love the little brooch though!
Happy weekend Sally,
V xxx

Anne said...

I love the pink jumper and the little brooch is lovely. Both great buys. I must admit I rarely buy pink, I'm more a green/blue type person really but sometimes its nice to have something completely different.

Louise said...

What can I say, is all very girly and nice:-)