Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Rhubarb and a couple of other makes

Oddly enough we continue a bit of a pink theme here!

I had a nice surprise in the post the other day, a packet of pretty fat quarters as a prize for having a letter published in SEW magazine. You can never have too many fat quarters!

Over the weekend I made a few things. I bought my first packet of rhubarb this year and it's nice to try something different so I blasted off the rhubarb season with a recipe from Anne's blog at Marmalade and Catmint.  It's roasted rhubarb cupcakes and you can find all the details on this link to Anne's post rather than me copy it here.


Here are my pictures of the cake making and I have to say they turned out lovely so thank you Anne for sharing something new.

Recently I've had a thing about wanting to make peg dolls, I used to enjoy making them as a kid and there are some wonderful examples on Pinterest of very sophisticated creations.

I really struggled to find some traditional pegs, and ended up with the peg doll kit for starters where you get a base to attach it onto. So I used that whilst I searched all my local shops and I did eventually find the proper dolly pegs so after this first attempt I will be having another go with a proper peg.

I've made her in pastel colours as a little Easter decoration.

I have also finished this pencil holder which is for my mum as a Mother's Day gift. I found the letter 'D' in a plain, pine state in a charity shop. I give it a lick of lilac paint and then decorated with felt bits.
I took inspiration from a napkin ring holder in an old copy of Making magazine which you can see here.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh you can never have too many fat quarters!! :)
Love your little peg doll, I remember making them too, they are a lot of fun!
Your mum will love her gift. :)
V xxx

Anne said...

Thanks for the mention Sally! They are definitely worth making arent they? Yummy and they didnt last long in our house I'm afraid!
Great that you got the fat quarters, worth writing!!

Helenjean said...

oh my goodness, love your peg dolly. And as for the rhubarb cup cakes, as a lover of rhubarb I thought my husband had every known way of cooking rhubarb, but cupcakes are new.