Friday, 28 March 2014

Ukulele group identity

Our ukulele group is coming along quite nicely, not that we are much improved from when we first met just before Christmas but we do try!

I think at the last meeting we decided it might be a good idea to have a name and thus establishing ourselves as actually existing. I said I would have a go with a few ideas for a logo and I've scribbled down a few of the more obvious names like:

Bridlington Ukulele Group
Bridlington Ukulele Gang
Brid Ukes
Bridlington Strummers
Yorkshire Coast Ukes

And even a far out name like The Clambake Ukes. If you think this is odd, I looked in a thesaurus for a group or collective and the word "clambake" was there, it is an Americanism loosely meaning any social gathering (often by the sea), especially a noisy gathering...... hmmm, quite appropriate I thought for the racket we make!

Anyway we meet tonight so I will present the group with a selection and see what they think, here are a few


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love the logos, they're all good, don't know how you're going to decide.
Have fun. :)
V xxx

lavender attic said...

Fantastic, love the top 2 especially. I watched a documentary about a ukulele group that Frank Skinner joined and thought it looked good fun as it appeals across the age range. Thanks for the comment about my sewing room - the pile of junk at the other side of the room was just out of shot!! Roll on car boot sale season!

Anne said...

My favourite is the last one Sally!

Crafty in the Med said...

Difficult choice!!! I think the Seaside Strummers ...... strumming away on the Yorkshire sounds cheery and friendly!!

keep well

Amanda :-)

patty said...

Sally, yes I saw the Frank Skinner thing too and I think it's that which got me into it.
Thanks all for your lovely comments and favourite choices, I'm waiting for our group to give their choices before I put a design into action.