Friday, 30 May 2014

We've been on a little trip

Maybe you can guess from Bob's outfit that we've been to Scotland, not so much a holiday but more of a road trip doing things so I haven't got very good pictures to share.

Bob was outside a lovely little bakery cafe, Mackenzies in Strathpeffer, I like Strathpeffer it's a beautiful old spa town with wonderful architecture. The weather was a bit grey though to get snaps but here is a delicious savoury herb scone at Mackenzies and they also have an amazing selection of malts.

This snap is Strathpeffer Victorian station, now tearooms and a couple of little shops.
Carvings are at the station too.

Our road trip took us through Perthshire and I have to say I was completely taken with the beautiful swathes of bluebells across the countryside. It seemed once you drove into Perthshire bluebells appeared everywhere in vast carpets. Sadly I didn't get any better pictures than these whizzing past in the car. I don't think the bluebells are visible on the pic with cows but they are there in the distance.

Bluebells, pink bells and white bells. Anyone know why, is it a soil thing why some are different colours?

One lovely stop off on the trip was Aberfeldy and a visit to our friends coffee shop, the Habitat Cafe. We saw the fabulous new espresso machine which had arrived that week and sampled some tasty and delicious award winning drinks.

Bye bye Scotland until next time. I didn't get to see the Kelpies which I want to at some point but here is the Stirling mermaid.


Rustic Vintage Country said...

I'm glad Bob had a lovely road trip, love his little kilt and sporran! What a sight it must have been to see all those Bluebells. Suzy x

Anne said...

Young Bob does get about a bit doesnt he? Glad you had a good trip Sally.

Shaheen said...

So lovely to see Bob looking all handsome in his kilt made especially for him :) I'm so pleased that you have got a kind of break from the norm, not a holiday I know but getting things done. I loved seeing the Stirling maid when we drove down that road in the late evening and it was lit up, all shimmering with different colour lightings thrown on her, never got chance to get up close. I've never been to Strathpeffer, looks like a pretty little place. The carvings are marvellous too.And natures bluebells :)