Sunday, 8 June 2014

First sunny day in June, seaside and open studios

It's June and I think this is the first day I remember the sun, although it has chucked it down and thundered this evening!

This weekend and next weekend is North Yorkshire Open Studios so a trip to sunny Filey was the perfect detour to a studio I wanted to visit a few miles north.
Filey is a quiet seaside spot with no noisy amusements which have their place at some resorts but Filey is lovely without.

The donkeys were just disappearing as I arrived. I've had many a donkey ride at Filey as a child!

I do like beach huts.

Clowns I find creepy and disturbing but it doesn't stop that fascination with photographing them, as long as you don't look into their eyes!!

Onwards to the open studio and the destination was Lebberston village. My friend Corinne the textile artist was exhibiting her work alongside Shirley who's studio was open at Lebberston Hall. Shirley has the most amazing and contemporary studio conversion, stylish, flooded with light and such a wonderful feel to it. 
I haven't any pics of the studio sadly as I was too engrossed in their lovely work but if you were in that area next weekend it's a good place to stop for a look.

Shirley does painting and sculptural pieces made with driftwood finds and ceramics. Here are my little treats.

What's in the corrugated package I hear you ask.

It's a lovely little puddy tat decoration, beautifully packaged. I love Shirley's animal creations they are so joyful and full of fun, could've bought loads, there were owls, sausage dogs, fish, birds and in all price ranges.

The other treat was a gorgeous embroidered butterfly brooch by Corinne, and as we always say, you can't have too many brooches! This one is made from vintage William Morris fabric.

Had an absolutely lovely visit. 
Corinne has just been featured in the Yorkshire Post.

And here is a link to view Shirley's site and her lovely work which I think might be on Etsy.


lavender attic said...

I saw Corinne's house in the Yorkshire Post. Lovely photos of Filey too - smashing place x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe I remember visiting Filey once, quite a while ago now!
Love your new treats Sally, especially the cute little cat! :)
V x

Twiggy said...

Ooooo I blimmin love Filey, in fact we'll be over there soon for a weekend. Lovely makes too.

Anne said...

I love Filey too! Gorgeous crafty makes too Sally!

patty said...

It seems we all quite like Filey :)