Friday, 27 June 2014

Catch up, needle cases and new website

As June draws to a close and it should feel like the height of summer it seems to have been overcast for most of the time although that could also sum up my mood! You know that feeling when your head is so full of ideas that it feels like you're going to explode and what happens to me is I start to feel overwhelmed with what to do first in the limited hours of the day. 
Because of the problems I have in winter, cold house and poor light, I want to be going hell for leather with projects in summer but that's the time it's also nice to get out a bit for some fresh air and only so many hours in the day!

At the start of June I scribbled a huge to do list which I've since added to and not ticked many things off, it's satisfying ticking things off but then I ground to a halt a fortnight ago with a gardening related incident which immobilised my arm for some days and I couldn't drive either. That got me so mad with this stupid garden that I hate and having to keep up appearances with it incase the landlady complains again.  

Anyway I'm getting back on track and have just about finished a batch of caravan needle cases for an order.

I thought the colours were a little bit like the beach hut doors in Bridlington.

Other projects in the pipeline and just arrived back from fabric printing are cut and sew doll kits and some of my Brid photos which will turn into something, not sure what yet.

And talking of Brid I did manage a bit of an early morning stroll last weekend to take in some fresh air which was nice and there was the previous days evidence of families on the beach digging big holes and making pebble sculptures.

In recent weeks I've been trying to create a new website / blog just for my Fabric Mountain stuff. It's mainly because I have some more magazine work coming out soon (can't reveal yet) and I felt I needed a specific site to send readers to regarding Fabric Mountain rather than visiting here with all my ranting and moaning!

There will be very little new to any early readers of this blog as I am trying to back track some of my relevant textile blog posts from here onto the new site but eventually it will feature new work.

Oh dear it's raining, looks like the start of the grim weather weekend, hope it's better where you are :)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your needle cases are lovely and so like the beach huts! Love the little dollies too. :)
Hope that arm is feeling a lot better.
Our weather has cleared up a bit after two pretty grim days, I expect it has moved on to you now!
Have a good weekend, I'm off to check out the new site.
V x

lavender attic said...

I very much like the yellow colourway in the caravan fabric! I totally empathise about the oppressive feeling about only so many hours to get things done, what to do first, and feeling guilty about the incomplete 'to do' list. Too hard on ourselves! I think getting out is the answer though; what better for the soul than a bit of Brid or Hornsea :) xx

Anne said...

Gorgeous makes Sally and yes, they do look very much like those beach huts. Oh I do long to be beside the seaside.....!

Louise said...

Your shop is looking great, best of luck

Helenjean said...

the needle cases are great, knitting bags would be pretty cool too in those fabrics

patty said...

That's a great idea helenjean for if I have some larger bits of fabric :)