Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Some more bicycle art

Bicycles have been a bit of a theme recently and I am still working on a new bicycle fabric which needs finishing but annoyingly it won't be ready for the Tour de France, if only I'd thought about this earlier as it starts in Yorkshire.

Anyway I produced a few Le Tour brooches as seen on a previous post and I also did a couple of pictures for the current exhibition running at Gallery 49, Art & The Bicycle.

These were my offerings, I shall start with the simple, graphic piece. This is free cut paper which has been machine stitched.

Like with most pieces of work, I usually finish and then think it looks too plain and I start to tinker about or add more. I'm not sure I improved it by adding flowers and text but that's how it went to the gallery.

I'm thinking with hindsight I prefer the pre flower version! Proving that theory I usually try to work to, "less is more". 

The other piece of work I did was slightly more labour intensive and involved some screen printing for the background, a bit of distressed rubber stamping and some embellishing with fabric and threads.

Not surprisingly it's called Bike Ride With Butterflies.


Twiggy said...

Lovely stuff I'm finding all the Yorkshire tour art very inspiring, although not inspiring enough to actually get my bike out ...

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love them both Sally! :)
There must be some buzz with the Tour starting soon!
V x