Sunday, 14 September 2014

Northumbria - vintage shops, galleries, cafes and some purchases

I will finish off Northumbria with these snippets.

1. Boe Rigg, Bellingham. A groovy, retro place which is a camp site, self catering hay loft and a cafe. A very nice peaceful place to stop for a snack and they have some interesting local crafts for sale.

2. Linda Lovatt Gallery, Jedburgh as previous post, this is a beautiful hare necklace I bought which Linda had made. I just love the packaging too, excellent presentation.

3. Barter Bookshop, Alnwick. A cross stitch book I bought, sometimes it's nice to do a non demanding craft like cross stitch.

4. Lindisfarne, produce. Walking from the car park to the village there were 2 local produce stalls, I bought these spuds which were delish, some honey also delish and the jam is unstarted.

5. Hawick, Lovat Mill, towards the end of the weeks trip I discovered a leaflet for the Textile Trail, if only I'd had it sooner to visit more wool and fabric places. Oh well, I made it to Lovat Mill, no website for them but you can go to the mill and a lovely lady dragged lots of small bits of tweed for me to look at and did me a good price by weighing them to price up. The tweed is all spun there and of course they do have full metreage to buy and blankets, scarves and clothing too.

6. Corbridge, lovely place for small indie shops. cafes, arty crafty stuff etc. Found this little Vintage shop with a beautifully presented selection of things, even some Hornsea pottery too. It's a small co-operative run by 3 ladies. I bought these vintage buttons, could've gone mad as they had a great stash of Liberty fabrics too.

And then this shop which I did go a bit mad with the photos as it had such a weird and wonderful collection of vintage, new, reclaimed etc. It's called RE and we have a web link for this one so if you want to go and buy a skeleton plate or a mug with the Yorkshire Wolds on this is the place for you!

I had to control my purse in here so these are the few things I bought.

Now feast your eyes on some of the other displays, there's lots of haberdashery things, kitchen and garden. A very inspiring place for a mooch. 

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh wow, it does look like you had fun.....I love your hare!! :)
V x