Tuesday, 20 January 2015

January making and buying

It's been ridiculously cold in the house the last fortnight and I've been making 'house scarves' and buying more long johns. Honestly I think I could set up a shop selling long johns I have so many pairs!

With it being so cold I drop into the same routine at this time of year by doing less challenging crafts whereby I can wrap myself up in layers, not think too much and just knit or crochet very simple things. You can't get much more simple than loom knitting and I started some neck warmers on the circular loom.

There is something quite satisfying about the speed you can create something and here is my first neck warmer.

This pink neck warmer was quickly followed by this bluey one, although not done on the loom but hand knitted.

I'm not much of a knitter but I have got this item on the go also at the moment, it's some sort of scarf / cowl with some interesting wool I bought in Whitby.

Continuing with scarves, this time crochet. I found a Youtube video showing how to do a type of moss stitch for crochet, it was a very good and easy to follow tutorial by Olivia at Girlybunches who has some great crochet videos.


A scarf in moss stitch is a good way to use up small scraps of wool.

I didn't want tassels on the end as it's a fairly short scarf to tuck into a coat so not the neatest of finishing off at the ends but it's a nice stitch to do.

Had some of my fabric back from the printers, the Scandi Trees design, and I've sold a bit on ebay.

With some Christmas money I bought myself a nice quality rotary cutter. Previously I had a £3.99 one and it was useless but spending a bit more on this Olfa cutter is proving great for accurately and neatly cutting my fabric.

I bought some more Harris Tweed last week from the weaving lady on Harris and I'm in the throws of creating some textile jewellery and a tweed needle case.

Another needle case I've recently completed in the book style is this one, made with scraps of hand loom cotton from the Skye Batiks shop on Skye which I believe have recently taken delivery of a new batch of my designs on some garments.

Back to crochet, I found a pattern in a recent magazine for crochet buttons and I turned the basic idea into pin cushions.

Thanks for sticking with all these photos, I'll finish with some food just ahead of Burns Night. Joy of joys I found the veggie haggis had made a welcome return to Morrisons, more of a sausage shape to previous years but will make a lovely, hearty feast.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Wow you have been busy Sally! Lots of lovely things, I love that crochet moss stitch scarf and your little pincushions. Your fabric designs are beautiful!! Quite a productive month so far by the look of things! :)
Happy Burns Night!
V x

Shaheen said...

I have ot agree, you haave been busy - the neck scarves are so pretty. Indeed you are very very creative and its good that it keeps you occupied. I know I owe you an e mail and will do so, just forgive me for the delay.
I was going to make my own haggis for Burns Night but may look out for Macsween here in the Welsh supermarkets, you never know.
Warmest of wishes

Rustic Vintage Country said...

My goodness me, you have been busy! I've been a ooohing and aaahing all through your post. Firstly you used the round thing to make an neck warmer, was that easy? I have a pack of these in assorted sizes and was going to ebay them until I saw your post, now I may keep them. I love the Skye scraps, do they sell scraps now? A needlecase is another on my 'to do' list. Love all your makes and you've also reminded me to go buy a veggie haggis! Suzy xo

patty said...

Thanks for all your fab comments.
Suzy I bet I have the same pack of circular looms you have. Yes it was so easy to do just with the basic stitch and using the loom with 36 pegs. I did a length so that I could double it up as they tend to knit quite open stitches and I wanted extra thick double warmth. Loads of youtube videos with ideas.
Skye Batiks occasionally sell patchwork packs of a bundle of the handloom cotton as squares. The best place to find out is on their Facebook page as they are pretty quick to respond to queries and I know they don't put them on the website.
Happy veggie haggising everyone!