Monday, 20 April 2015

Hornsea Pottery Society AGM 2015

Yesterday was a big day in our Hornsea Pottery calendar, the AGM on hallowed turf at Hornsea, which interestingly fell 15 years to the day that Hornsea Pottery went into final receivership.

Our meeting and talk was very interesting, lovely to catch up with people who I only see once a year as it's difficult to get to the other 3 yearly meetings they have scattered around the country.

The stalls were brimming with pots for sale, I'm sure there was more than last year, or may be more of the designs which I liked this time.

Loads of Contrast which I like and still use. I was wanting a particular mini soup tureen but no one had one.

A wonderful stack of Heirloom storage jars.

Below, the lovely white teapot in the middle was called Alaska, it is sort of a white version of the brown Contrast design.

If only I was starting my own coffee shop! Many many different espresso sets. This design I hadn't seen before called Prelude in a dull minty green and brown.

Lots more things than usual in the auction, below.

So what did I buy, well, I got this wonderful 1977 mug by John Clappison for £1 on the auction, they sell for lots more on Ebay so I was very pleased. It will a be a birthday pressie for a Scorpio.

I also found just one Concept espresso cup with saucers, this was good because I already have one cup and no saucers, so it is useable now for coffee and a piece of cake for two.

And finally, this was rather unusual and irresistible to me as it was very minimal and stylish.

These plates and bowls in a wave/cell shape were designed by Caterina Fadda in the late 90s, she commissioned Hornsea Pottery to produce them for her so I'm happy to say these design icons which broke the mould in plate design were made in Hornsea. The museum had purchased them some time ago and were selling them to raise funds as they had duplicates.

I bought a combination of the black and white. They will be fabulous for serving a tapas style meal with bits 'n pieces on the side.

Caterina has a London studio with furniture and other stylish designer items for the home.

Thank you if you made it this far, I do tend to get carried away with Hornsea pots!


Shaheen said...

I love your buys, I hope you get that coffee shop one day x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh I love your plate Sally, I love the blue version too!
The storage jars are lovely too.
V x

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

I was going to say it is amazing how well hornsea has lasted and how contemporary it still looks, but then, that is the description of a design classic