Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Easter and some recent makes

April and it's Easter already, I hope the weather is kind to us all and we can enjoy some sun and chocolate, bliss! 

I found a lovely little craft activity on YouTube the other week which is great for using up old scraps of fabric which I'm sure most of us have in heaps. Long thing scraps like these are best.

And look at what you can turn it into. Beautiful recycled fabric twine.

I will give you the link to the lady called Hester who posted this nice little tutorial on YouTube.

It's such a simple and mindless task you can sit and do in front of the TV and the results are lovely.
It's all in the twisting!

Here's the link and Hester has some other nifty ideas on YouTube too.

I've been busy with my sausage dog kits. The printed kits arrived back from the printers this week.

I will be selling the kits with a choice of jackets or bandanas. You can see the prototype below which I stitched up with a lovely tartan jacket.

I have also been working on another sausage dog, not a printed kit but this one will be cut out from scratch with his features appliqued on. It very nearly made it into a sewing magazine but they already had a dog toy lined up to go in so I may see if I can get it featured elsewhere.

This dog will be slightly bigger than the printed kits.

And lastly, another one of my fabric designs which I have been revamping for Woven Monkey, this one is my Flower Girl design. I've done it in lots of colour combinations.

Enjoy the long weekend folks! :)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe Sally your little doggies are so cute! I love them! :)
Great tutorial too, that's sharing.
As always amazing fabric designs !
Have a wonderful Easter Sally, loads of chocolate is a must!!!!
V x

Shaheen said...

Your fabric twine is lovely, but those sausage dogs now fattened up look awesome. I hope they feature soon in some magazine. Loving the fabric designs too, you know I love butterflies, but I do love the cool chics too.