Saturday, 15 August 2015

Bag making, Spiralising and Instagram

The sneak peek of my fabric designs for bag making on my previous post has slowly started to turn into bags, they are shaping up as cross body purses.

There are quite a pile to stitch up which is going to take a while as I've got busy with real work again after a quiet spell.
Some of the bags match with previous scarves I made.

Here we are in a bit more detail.

This has been the week I joined Instagram as Fabric Mountain, I must admit to having no interest in it before. It just seemed another thing like Twitter, Pinterest and all the other social media to take up more of my time in front of a screen and less time making and creating. However I've recently heard good things about it helping to promote crafts peoples work as it's mainly a visual medium and hence I threw the towel in and joined. Having been warned by Green Rabbit that it can be addictive, I can confirm it is now that I've got going and I'm starting to find my way around!

Other new things this week. Spiralising! I've wanted one for a while, I did a lot of reading of reviews to which one I wanted only to find it was out of stock everywhere I looked. Anyway Amazon reckoned they were back in stock at the end of July so it was just a few days later than that when I ordered and here it is.

It is rather fab and we've made courgetti last night and it's so easy to use and clean that I see it having a lot of use.
I lightly sauted my courgette strands and they did wilt down a bit leaving not a huge portion of food so tonight I'm having another go and doubling up.

This Lurch Vegan spiraliser was definitely worth the wait and great value at about £35.


helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

love your bags, especially the picture ones
as for IG, welcome to the dark side, my daughter thinks I'm addicted
and one last thing, I love courgette spaghetti in restaurants, I didn't realise there was a special machine, but of course there must be

Shaheen said...

I adore the printers devil bag, really cool and I do hope they are popular with Halloween and dark evenings not too far away. I have a spiral user, still in its box, still unopened. I think it is a Lurch brand too, but I don't have that vegan logo on the side. You have motivated me to take it out of the box tomorrow and do something with the courgettes from my garden. I am happy that your busy with projects Sally x regarding Instagram, I was slow with Twitter, not sure about Insta, but can see the relevance of it in your field.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your bags are great Sally! It is lovely to see you over on IG...I reckon that that when all my blog friends go to IG, that will definitely be the end of blogging because it's the lovely people I've 'met' in blogland that are the only reason I still do it!
Love the new new kitchen toy!
V x