Friday, 28 August 2015

My fave veggie cafe is closing and other bits

The end of an era looms as my favourite veggie cafe in Bridlington, The Little Organic Bakery (formerly Bean There), is closing sometime in September. My friends who own it are going in to semi-retirement and looking forward to doing other things now they have their first grand child.

It's a real shame but nothing stands still and I have some lovely memories of happy times with friends and food from my trips to the cafe over the years.
Today was such a day, I met up with two dear old work mates and we went for one last pig out with Bob in tow too. We basked outside in the garden for a while until it got a bit breezy and then moved inside for food.

A delicious black olive tart with salad was munched through at great speed and washed down with dandelion and burdock.

Followed by a chocolate slice and a few things to take away in a bag for supper!
The good news is, the cafe is being taken over and going in to safe hands with a couple who are going to carry on with veggie food so I will probably get to try that before the year is out.

The bank holiday is nearly here and I have the annual Hornsea Pottery Nostalgia day to attend tomorrow. All weekend rows of tables piled high with vintage Hornsea will be for sale, I can't wait to see if any rarities appear.

Shocked to see Christmas fabrics have already appeared in our local Boyes shop, actually I think I've seen a few Christmas things popping up in the shops this month.

Lastly, we had a fox visiting recently, this was my best picture looking out of a grubby window at him, he usually comes when it's a bit darker so I never manage a shot but I got a really good view of him this time, looks in great condition. Hope he survives with all the idiots round these parts shooting who would probably take pleasure in putting an end to him.

Keep safe mr fox and have a good weekend everyone.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Indeed keep safe Mr Fox, he is lovely! Unfortunately foxes, badgers, bees........ nothing is safe in the UK anymore. I do despair!
Good to know that your cafe is in safe hands, I would hate to think of Bob missing out on his veggie dinners!
Enjoy your Hornsea day Sally!
V x

Shaheen said...

What a handsome fox, yes hope he surivives the harshness of human cruelty, as well as the roads. My heart sinks every time I see a dead fox or a hedgehog on the road in the morning on the way to work.

I was shocked too see Christmas fabric recently, when I went to look for fabric for a new dress.

I was sad at the beginning to read about the cafe closing, then pleased that it was going to remain open under new owners, hopefully they will maintain and up the standard. And best wishes to your friends. Hope your well Sally and enjoy the long bank holiday weekend, and Hornsea day. My Saturday began with a 'lie in', and then discovered we had no hot water.....