Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hornsea pottery and Hornsea Station

I made my usual bank holiday pilgrimage to Hornsea for the Nostalgia weekend and huge sale of pots. Lovely to catch up with society members and see the fabulous range of pots they bring to sell every year.

There's always plenty of information posters to read up on rare, unusual or popular pieces in the Hornsea range.
I love the cruet sets from the 1960's and I didn't realise until I read this poster that they were sold through Boots the chemist.

Whilst looking and drooling over the lovely pots, I took the decision to only buy something if I wanted it, needed it and would use it. So I bought a couple of the slightly more rare lidded soup dishes in the Contrast range, I make a lot of soup and it seems to make  more of a meal when presented in a lidded container.They are beautifully designed, they wash well and seem very robust.

And these 2 pin dishes which are in a muramic style with the high gloss decoration. I have none of these in my collection and I shall use them as olive dishes.

After admiring the pots it was such a nice sunny day that I went for a look at the former Hornsea railway station. It struck me that all the times I go to Hornsea and I never knew if the railway station (which was one of the many closed in the 60's) was still standing or derelict. I think this idea to go and look was prompted by a recent photograph I saw of it but it wasn't clear if it was a picture from the past or present so I had to investigate.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the station very much in tact, looking quite lovely and I believe some or all of it is now housing.
This is the main Station House

Here's the rest of the station building

Some information boards about the Trans Pennine route

Most interesting and a nice day to start the bank holiday weekend. Shame the weekend ended with a day full of rain!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Aren't old stations wonderful!
I love your purchases, the little dishes are very pretty. The cruet sets are wonderful, I love the cats and how popular would those owls be now!!
V x

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

I had no idea Hornsea had such a wide range before I started reading your blog. I remember, but now regret, leaving all our hornsea into the charity shop!