Monday, 7 September 2015

A week of digital doings online

A number of things which I've been meaning to do do for a while, and I've probably been saying that for a few years now, have finally been done last week which feels quite satisfying.

First up, a new Etsy shop for Fabric Mountain.

This year has been very slow with my Folksy shop, I think I've only had 3 or 4 sales all year and I had been curious about joining Etsy although I always wanted to wait until I move away and have a new address to embrace it afresh. 
However, just recently I have heard so many encouraging stories from other arty crafty people who are doing pretty well with Etsy, it convinced me to get organised now ahead of Christmas crafting.

Thank you so much to Vivienne from Green Rabbit Designs who has given me some valuable advice and info to help me get my shop up and running, much appreciated :) Vivienne has a wonderful shop of knitted bunnies and animals which disappear as soon as they are listed so there might not be any right now!

So here is my shop and there are some brand new bags which have not appeared on Folksy and which have been finished recently and I'm in the process of adding more.

To run alongside the Etsy shop and to attract some attention as textile things are in the process of being made, I have started a Facebook business page for Fabric Mountain.

Do pop along and give it a like if you fancy, thank you.

And lastly but by no means least, my graphic design business, Wicked Poppy Designs, finally has a new website. This has been a job which rather embarrassingly needed doing for over 10 years and like a lot of things for yourself, it never gets done.

The old site and work samples were so out of date that I was at the stage I didn't even tell people I had a website if they asked. Anyway, it's only simple and made with some Wordpress theme we bought but it looks a lot fresher and I've been able to show new work on it.

Phew, it feels like I'm finally up to date with some long awaited tasks on the to do list!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congratulations Sally on all your new sites, wishing you success with them all!!
I didn't realise that your Etsy was up and running, so I'll pop over there now and add you to my favourites.
I have a dormant Folksy shop which I never ever sold anything from, I do prefer Etsy but Facebook is a great marketing tool. You should post some of your items on sites like Hand Made in the UK and British Crafters, they're great for promoting your work too, in fact British Crafters have an open day today so you should give it a go!
V x

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

Good luck Sally with your "new enterprise", hope it goes well for you

Rise Textile said...

Congratulations!! Wishing you good luck for your new project. Keep going good.