Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ceramic tiles

I think there are about 5 sessions left at pottery before we finish. I am trying to rattle out as many things as possible so have been cutting out tiles and decorating them at home.
They are quick to do and one day I will be able to use them in a kitchen or perhaps frame a few up as a wall piece.

They are quite addictive when you get going. The face one is done by carving the design into the tile, then spreading white slip over to fill into the grooves, allow it get leather hard and then with a kidney tool scrape the surface off to reveal the design.

I've also been slip trailing on them, pressing bits of lace in and then painting slip over and doing similar with leaves. I searched for leaves with a good vein structure and was quite impressed at how well they have taken in the clay.

Tonight I am doing my final project which in my case at the end of the third year can be a presentation or some pieces of work. I have chosen to do a presentation and will be giving a talk on....... Hornsea Pottery, now there's a surprise!!

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