Friday, 29 May 2009

Ryedale Vineyards

The weather has been lovely today and couldn't have been better as this afternoon was the wine launch at Ryedale Vineyards. RV are one of my  newer clients and having designed their logo they asked me to design labels for their first wine pressings. I know I wasn't going to talk about work on the blog but this was more pleasure today. The wine is all bottled with the new labels in place and they had the launch at the farm this afternoon. I'm no wine buff but I have to say that both rose and white were delicious and they put on a lovely spread to nibble with it.

The Wolds View which is the white is of a very limited quantity due to the wet summer last year and only 100 bottles have been pressed, the rose is of a slightly larger quantity with about 350 bottles which will be on sale later in the year.

I hope they have a good harvest this year as they have worked so hard to get this new venture up and running, They have a wonderful B&B at the farm also.

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