Monday, 18 May 2009

Ceramics in progress

Last Thursday my Hornsea Heirloom style pot did not materialise from the kiln as expected, it has either been broken and the remains thrown away or some of the groups pieces have been taken to an exhibition. The annoying thing about that is no one has asked us they have just been taken direct from the kiln and put into a college exhibition. Until I see the exhibition I am still wondering what has happened to it!

Some of my tiles from the previous week have come out rubbish, all that carving designs onto them and the glaze has come out too dark to see the design so no photo. The tiles on the pic here are the bisque fired versions and I have just glazed those so will see if I get a better result on this batch.

One of our group did a talk and demonstration on local potter, Ben Arnup's work, and the tall vase is done in that sort of style. Ben uses different coloured clays in a random way to create patterns (much more to it than that but will keep this short). I have used a crank clay base, with some clay coloured with a black oxide pigment and porcelain highlights.

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