Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Brooches for Driffield craft fair

Things are quite frantic on the making front with only 4 days left before Sundays craft fair. I've lots of things half started, like purses cut out but need stitching, brooches done but buttons and pins to add, most things still to label and price up, lavender bags to be stuffed last minute to have the fragrance as fresh as possible.
Of course with 'real' work and college project (which is a bit of a tall order to get a mural done for 7th Dec but that's another story) I'm definitely burning the midnight oil this week!

I know all my crafts won't get done, I wanted to do festive solstice wreaths but I can't see there being time so I guess I'll have to concentrate on what I can achieve.

Anyway here are a few new brooches, felt apples and textile art miniatures with beading.

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