Friday, 20 November 2009

Harrogate, Knitting & Stitching Show

Yesterday was the show in Harrogate which I went to with a friend and we had a fab time. The conclusion was there was far too much to see and do in a day. We didn't even get chance for a look or a go on any of the workshops.

There were so many wonderful wools, fabrics, beads etc. to see that you ended up overwhelmed with choice and I was fairly restrained with my purchases. We did gather plenty of leaflets and info for researching and ordering stuff online.

One thing we were impressed with was a lady with enormous knitting needles like broom handles and instead of using wool she knitted with strips of wool blanket which made a very thick material and great for rugs.

The picture with the faces you see here is by an artist called Kerry Mosley, they were very delicate fine thread and bead pictures.

Also shown here some lovely little notebooks and a photo of the bits n bobs I bought.
My head is absolutely buzzing with ideas but there's so much work, college stuff and craft work on the go at the moment it will be a while before I can put some new ideas into action.

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