Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Knitted sheep

Isn't this little sheep adorable. I bought him at the East Riding Artists Christmas auction on Sunday night. He was made by Cluny Chapman and is made from wool from her own sheep which she spins and knits up into lovely things.

At the ERA festive social they ask for hand made donations to auction on the night to raise a few quid for the kitty. I took some brooches, a cupcake pincushion, some hand made paper & cards, it went really well. I had hoped to win the bidding on a bag of fudge Selina made but I was outbid. Penny took some of her new pots filled with beautiful holly but they were auctioned off as one lot instead of individually so I had to pass on that. We had a lovely evening even though it didn't particularly feel Christmassy being only middle of November.

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