Sunday, 22 August 2010

Favourite Ice Lolly

I think we are having a late burst of summer with the warm weather this weekend so I'm cooling down with one of my favourite ice lollies, a FAB.

I have always loved FAB's, I'm sure it was the 100's & 1000's which drew me to them as a child and I still like that segment best.

Not sure many of my other favourite lollies from the 70's still survive. Who remembers Funny Faces, Strawberry Mivvies, Dracula lollies, Rockets, Cider lollies & Sparkling Lemonade lollies. Wow, its enough to get you salivating just thinking about them!

Whilst on the subject of ice lollies have you heard of the wonderful new gadget to make the most amazing flavour combinations of ice lollies in a matter of minutes, and not exactly in the fridge either. It is the Zoku, sounds great and I'd love one if I had a spare 40 quid!

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